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Meticulous planning is an art & science and at ERS Eventers it is our religion. Drawing up the blue prints, paying attention to detail, discussing ideas to engage your audiences, preparing softcopies for your understanding ,leaving flexibility to rearrange some elements, we prepare from all aspects. Some of our best events have taken shape on our planning tables. We ensure right from the planning stage that we include everything that will make your celebration special and memorable.


When we do an event for you, we extract the opportunities out of every window available to bolster your brand image and etch it in the top of the mind of your audience. We have developed brand visibility strategies over several years of work experience in this industry .We think about brand visibility at all stages of event planning and that’s why your brand name is the most noticeable and memorable take away from the event.


Over the years we have mastered the art of communicating to the audience at an event. From the time of inception of a project to its execution, we are constantly involved in planning means of conveying the message to your audience with an everlasting impact. We ensure that we have a complete understanding of the range of the guests that will be present in your event. We then create an event around your audience, keeping them engaged throughout.

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